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Tap' Star

Tap' Star

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Introducing Tap'Star, the sticker that revolutionizes how you share your:

Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok account. 



Effortless Networking
Instantly share your social media profile without the need for usernames or searching.

Break the Ice 
Spark conversations and build connections with a simple tap.

Universal Compatibility
Works seamlessly with any NFC-enabled smartphone, ensuring hassle-free exchanges.

Make your social life more vibrant and connected than ever before.

Stand out, spark conversations, and effortlessly build your online circle with Tap'Star.


Peel: Gently peel the Tap'Star sticker from the backing.

Attach: Place the sticker on the back of your smartphone or phone case.

Tap: When meeting someone new, simply tap your phone against theirs to instantly share your Instagram account.


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